Bienvenidos a una experiencia pacífica

Sharing Experiences

In Mano cambiada share learnings and experiences of this life process we advance in Nuquí.

Our principal, Josefina Klinger, is the most recognized ambassador for the organization therefore has twice been invited to participate in the TEDxBogotá, a space to spread ideas through conferences with the aim of encouraging interaction and discussion within a small group of attendees. Below is a brief description of two lectures:

2010 – WITH THE JUNGLE IN THE HEAD: Josefina Klinger, born in Nuquí, a place chocoano Pacific, observing in the traditions of its people, customs and the minga, barter or hand changed, he saw how to cope the big monopolies of tourism; Today the native people Nuquí takes care of ecotourism in their region and, with dignity, cater to visitors without generating in the process without damage or exploit each other.

2012 – PLAYING HOST: From life experiences and Josefina is now the manager of a movement for social transformation based on the recovery of ancestral practices, manages tourism operations in the National Park Utría and Hand Changed the corporation she he founded. The love for their land has become a haven ambassador and promoter of growth and change in their own community. Josefina is defined as a “social artisan” that loves above all implement what others theorize. Josefina claims to have enjoyed the complicity of a territory and with the strength of a spirit caused by the universal and ancient wisdom.



Currently, Josefina travels represents a Mano Changed, inside and outside the country, to socialize Community Ecotourism model, motivating many actors with similar situations. We are one of the most referenced experiences of community tourism in the country.

In 2014, Hand Changed was present as a speaker at conferences, lectures and forums in Arauca, Bolivar, Boyaca, Casanare, Cauca and Norte de Santander, among others, sharing with local leaders and communities convened by public and private organizations.

The conference PLAYING HOST, has been a success, is a talk that evidence if a tourist destination, if the community does not fulfill its role, easily, this population becomes part of the landscape strengthen the image of the hotel, receiving little benefit. Remember that expect an employer assumes the role that corresponds to the community, is a mistake. Share the story of Mano Changed, an organization promoting at all times positive leadership to bring forward an endogenous process and ensure that tourism, generate local development and it is assumed, in all its dimensions.

We will be pleased to support your processes and share your learning and experience our territory.