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Utría National Park

Few places gather much mystery and beauty as well as Utría Cove, located on the northern Pacific coast of Colombia. To the south of the inlet, a series of foothills covered with lush rainforest cut the sea almost hidden in the mist. Its calm and warm waters make propitious place for the arrival of migratory species like birds and whales and ideal for fish spawning site as the needle ensenadeña (Tylusurus acus pacificus).

The cove itself is a changing landscape that rises and falls depending on the tide is low or high. The winding mangrove swamps between mutations suffer even more dramatic changes with the tide, for while during low tides among mangrove roots some terrestrial creatures move when the tide starts to rise, they move to lead to underwater wildlife that comes with the entry of the sea.

The Utría National Park located in the province of Chocó biogeography in the northern Colombian Pacific coast, is under the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Bahía Solano, Nuquí, and Bojayá Alto Baudo, Department of Choco. About 80% of its territory is overlapped with three guards the Embera, and is also the ancestral lands of Afro-descendant communities that depend on the goods and services provided by the protected area.

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